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At Positive Aspired Learning, we believe that every child deserves a happy and fulfilling life, which is why we provide Behavior Analytic services to qualifying families to improve their overall quality of life. As a parent, you can trust us to support you and your child every step of the way!

Servicing Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey

P.A.L.'s Team:

P.A.L. is an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) agency owned by BCBA's (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) who have a combined 25+ years of ABA experience. Both owners graduated from Columbia University's Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis program with Masters degrees and PhD in ABA. P.A.L.'s owners function as Clinical Supervisors allowing them to oversee all clinical services provided under P.A.L. P.A.L. hires well-experienced BCBAs to supervise clinical services and Behavior Technicians who provide the direct therapy care.

BCBA-D/BCBA Leadership

BCBA Clinical Supervisors

Behavior Technicians

Our Clients: Children 0-21 yrs

Autism Statistics & Facts

$1.4 million
to raise a child diagnosed with ASD
According to Autism Speaks the lifetime cost of raising a child with autism or intellectual disability can range from $1.4 to $2.4 million.
1 in 36 children
in the U.S. have been diagnosed ASD
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is almost four times more prevalent in boys than in girls.
178% increase
in Autism prevalence since 2000
The increasing prevalence of autism has significant implications for supporting individuals with ASD in families, schools, and communities.
90% Improvement with ABA Therapy
A 1987 study by O. Ivar Lovass, Ph.D., found that intensive ABA therapy resulted in significant improvement for 90% of the children with autism. Additionally, 47% of the children who received ABA therapy became indistinguishable from their peers.
Don't wait to give your child the gift of ABA therapy
Are you looking for a proven and effective approach to help your child with autism reach their full potential? Look no further than Positive Aspired Learning! Our ABA therapy programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child and are designed to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed.
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What our clients say

“Supervision with PAL has been one of the best decisions I have made in my journey in becoming a Behavior Analyst. The individualized support from Vanessa along with her incredible knowledge has shaped me into a well rounded clinician who is excited to add to our field. Vanessa applies the principles of ABA within every meeting and modifies supervision to meet my needs which has helped me become more competent in my role. PAL is a company I’d recommend to any person looking for quality and meaningful supervision with continued support throughout"

P.A.L. BCBA Supervisee

"I had the pleasure of working with PAL and the families they support for a little over a year. As a BT, I was in the home and community on a daily basis with an extraordinarily bright young man who needed emotional and social support. Working alongside the team at PAL to meet the needs of the family, I was lucky enough to watch the young man make personal growths that would not have been met without the interventions"

P.A.L. Behavior Technician

"I am always Collaborating with my supervisors regularly. Their super and their support is always helpful and insightful. You can see and measure the impact of your work. Each child has their own treatment plan unique to them. I always feel like I am making a difference and very appreciated. Vanessa is the best and is always helpful. I am able to celebrate both the small gains and the big ones. Working at PAL has been such a great and wonderful experience"

P.A.L. Behavior Technician

"Our 21 yr old son has been receiving 10hrs/week ABA therapy from PAL for the last 9 months and we are very happy with their services.  We have definitively seen clear improvement in him on desirable vocational skills as well as independence and time management. He always looks forward to his therapy sessions and so do we.  We believe these will greatly help to get him ready for gainful employment."

Mr. and Mrs. Castro
P.A.L. Parents

"PAL is everything I could ask for as a practicum student still learning in the field. Working at PAL has provided me with a rich experience interacting with clients and families, observing supervisors, acquiring in-depth knowledge regarding ABA principles and applications, and building on my practical skills to become a BCBA. The supervisors are caring, supportive and always willing to take the time and energy to make sure my learning needs are met"

P.A.L. Behavior Technician